United Methodist congregations, institutions, and agencies enjoy a wonderful investment opportunity with The Foundation.  The Foundation offers investment services that may be just what you need for congregation funds.  Whether endowment funds, building funds, memorial funds, cemetery funds, or parsonage funds, The Foundation can assist you by providing professional money management services relevant to the intended use of the funds. The funds are not insured by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

The choices include a short-term fund and a long-term fund. 

  • Short-term fund provides a dependable source of income and liquidity which is consistent with a short-term horizon.  Operates very much like a simple savings account that pays a competitive market-driven rate of return for each full day the funds are on deposit.  Funds are available for withdrawal at any time with no penalty.
  • Long-term fund provides an investment vehicle designed to achieve long-term growth of capital through a combination of capital appreciation and income which is consistent with a long-term time horizon.  The return is based on actual performance of investments within the pool.  Withdrawals may be made at the end of each quarter.

Long Term Fund Asset Allocation and Performance

Individuals may establish a charitable trust, lead trust, an endowment, or a donor advised fund through The Foundation.

The Foundation offers gift stock services. Gifts of stock or mutual funds may be transferred to a Foundation brokerage account. Proceeds from the sale of the assets will be transferred to your church or one of their Foundation accounts. Donor is responsible for transaction costs. Call 601-948-8845 for further information.