Donor Advised Funds are a convenient option for giving to your favorite ministries. By establishing such a fund at the Foundation, you can minimize your taxes by making charitable gifts to your fund but decide later which charities will benefit.

The Benefits of a Donor Advised Fund include:

  • Make a gift to your Fund at the time most convenient for you and receive an immediate charitable deduction.
  • Decide later what charity or charities you recommend to receive distributions, how much and when.
  • Earnings are credited and compounded tax-free so that more money may be available for your favorite charities.
  • Pass on important values of service and caring for others by involving children or other family members in charitable gift recommendations.
  • You and others may add to your fund at any time. All gifts will be acknowledged by the Foundation, and you will be advised of contributions received.
  • Receive an annual statement of all contributions, distributions, and Fund earnings.

A Donor Advised Fund is especially attractive when you have stock or real estate and:

  • You wish to bypass any capital gains tax that would be due if you sold it.
  • The value is more than you want to give any one charity.
  • You want to transfer the asset all at once and avoid having to accomplish multiple transfers of fractional shares to many different charities.

You can establish a Foundation Donor Advised Fund with gifts of cash, securities or property, and you may make additional contributions of any size at any time. Each gift represents an unconditional, irrevocable charitable contribution and is not refundable. The Foundation conscientiously invests and administers your Fund, and the money is available for distribution to charitable ministries you recommend at any time.  Donor Advised Funds may not be used to satisfy legally enforceable personal pledges.

Establishing your Foundation Donor Advised Fund can be as easy as filling out a form and writing a check. For more information, contact the Foundation at 601-948-8845 or