He is Risen! He is risen, indeed! Alleluia!

Opportunity to Give

Easter is quickly approaching. This is an excellent time to receive a special Easter Offering. The use of the funds will depend upon your financial circumstances and goals for ministry. You may wish to simply invite people to make a gift for Easter. The money would then be available for the most pressing financial need. Or you may wish to connect the offering to a special church project.

The special project may be updating a part of the building, children’s ministry, youth ministry or senior adult ministry. It may be time for new stoles for the choir or new choir robes. Maybe you need some new paraments or offering plates.  It might be that you wish to support a mission group or Advance Special. I think you get the idea.

Be sure to have a special envelope for folks to use for the offering. People, who wish to give will give. But if you do not ask, no one will give.

Lenten Disciplines

One of the most talked about disciplines for Lent is that of fasting. People often choose to give up sweets, chocolate, soft drinks, etc. I suggest that we might also want to think about a fast from stuff for a portion of Lent.

In The 7 Experiment, staging your own mutiny against excess, Jen Hatmaker addresses possessions.  She specifically invites the reader to think about a couple of questions:
“How can you cultivate a sense of God’s presence in your home?”
“What can you do differently to be sure possessions don’t steer your heart?”

Hatmaker suggests the reader find a way to give away at least 7 things a day for seven days as a sign of freedom from possessions. The seven for one day may be items from one room or the whole house.  The seven could be kitchen items, home accessories, furniture or linens.  Clothes are a great way to produce seven items.

The whole idea is to realize that we do have a lot of stuff and that stuff does not equal worth and value.