The Mississippi United Methodist Foundation may assist a local church in exploring the need for a capital campaign. However, the Foundation does not run a campaign.

What is a Capital Campaign?

A capital campaign is a special campaign above and beyond the regular giving which supports the day-to-day operating budget of a church or institution.

There is a way to conduct a campaign and succeed. There are no short cuts to success. Our goal is to give you guidance that will ensure success.

Questions to answer when considering a campaign are:

  • Where do we start?
  • What is a safe debt for our local church?
  • What are our future needs?
  • What is our estimated time line for our building project?
  • Is this feasible?
  • How do we set a goal?
  • Do we need the services of a Fund Raising Consultant?

If your church desires to explore this topic with The Foundation, please call and arrange for a time for a consultation.